SF Chronicle: $65 million will buy you an unfinished mansion on S.F.’s Gold Coast.

It would be one of the most expensive houses ever sold in San Francisco – a neoclassical villa with a four-story floating staircase and glass atrium, a facade of French limestone and a roof of 19th century Florentine tile is on the market for $65 million. Despite the price tag, the home is a mere shell – it doesn’t have interior walls, floors or ceilings – and will require more than $10 million to complete.

As more and more people sink below the financial waves, the super-rich do better and better. This is by design — by national policies that have divided Americans by class more than ever, rewarding the people at the very top, largely at the expense of our children and grandchildren, who either will pay to fix the mess we’re creating or will live in a world that makes this one look positively egalitarian.

One thought on “While Rome Burns…

  1. The gap between rich and poor really is growing leaps and bounds. I am not sure if you saw the recent report by a UK thinktank (Rowntree Foundation) that stated that UK social mobility is lower now than in the 50’s and 70’s. Things have got worse.

    You can blame national policies but i think its a cultural thing as well. Since many aspire to wealth they are less inclined to reign them in.

    check out http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6901147.stm

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