Amazingly, Apple has downgraded one it the key applications in its new operating system, OS X 10.5 “Leopard” — it removed the “information drawer” feature in its iCal calendar software, and it now requires multiple mouse clicks to create new events.

Beyond stupid, this is arrogant. There is absolutely no good reason to remove useful features from software.

Meanwhile, I’m not the only customer who’s annoyed by the company’s casual decision to make life harder for users. In the Apple support forums, for example is this dicussion: “Want my iCal info drawer back!! …

And this thread starts with a post I’ll quote in full, because it sums up the problem:

Is it just me…but why does it seem like iCal is way harder to use in Leopard?!?!?! Just look at the number of steps/clicks it takes just to enter an entry.

In month view, you double click on the day, but you can only enter in a title. you have to double click on the new event before you can enter in any details or even a time. And the box that pop-up is a tiny little box. In the old version of ical you could enter in everything in the right hand panel right away.

Then there is viewing events you have to double the event to get a little pop-up in order to see the details of the event. All you had to do before was click on an event and it would display in the side panel. Much much easier and less work.

Does the new ical bother anyone else? or is it just me? it just seems like they rushed it. there’s lots of other little annoyances and inconsistencies in it too.


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