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Financial Industry’s Unbelievable Greed

From the Wall Street Journal, here’s another reason I’m planning to cancel my current credit cards (which I pay every month in any event) and do business with institutions that choose not to screw their customers:

The committee overseeing federal banking-bailout programs is investigating the lending practices of institutions that received public funds, following a rash of complaints about increases in interest rates and fees.

Bailed-Out Banks Face Probe Over Fee Hikes


One thought on “Financial Industry’s Unbelievable Greed

  1. Nan says:

    how will you function, esp. on the road here and internationally, with no credit card? rolls of quarters?
    BTW – did you know that people who pay their full balances each month, as you say you do (and I do) are called deadbeats in the industry? we are all overhead to them…

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