As Glenn Greenwald observes in his Salon colum, the pending immunity for telecommunications companies that committed felonies by acceding to the Bush administration’s wiretap lawbreaking is beyond disgraceful:

By definition, our Beltway establishment does not believe in the rule of law — at least not for them. They are creating a completely segregated, two-track system where high Beltway officials and their corporate enablers arrogate unto themselves the power to decide when they can break the law. They are thus literally exempt from our laws, even our criminal laws, while increasingly harsh, merciless, and inflexible punishments are doled out for the poorest and least connected criminals — who receive no consideration of any kind, let alone presidential commutations or special laws written for them by Congress retroactively rendering legal their patently criminal behavior.

The Republicans have made it entirely clear that they hold the Constitution increasingly in contempt. But to see the Democrats remain such pathetic wimps on fundamental liberty, and the rule of law itself, is deeply depressing.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein will certainly vote for this travesty. I hope Barbara Boxer upholds her oath of office, but in these days — when the rule of law is an discardable inconvenience to the people who write the laws — it’s hard to be optimistic.

One thought on “Giving Telecom Companies Immunity from Lawbreaking: Where is the Outrage?

  1. The Democrats have done nothing because they fear being soft on terrorism. A whole culture of fear the Republicans have created. Its nonsensical. If a Democrat wins the election don’t expect much change, they wouldn’t want to rock the boat.

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