Wired News: Despite Airlines’ Promises, Customers Find a Way to Make VOIP Calls on Flights. Just days after American Airlines made the big-deal announcement that it had rolled out in-flight internet on certain routes, hackers have found a way to use the service for voice-over-internet protocol calls, despite promises from the airline that its air-to-ground system, developed by Aircell, would block voice calls.

I have a simple fix for noisy mobile callers. I listen carefully to their conversations — making clear that I’m listening. If that doesn’t work, I start taking notes.

You would be amazed (or maybe not) how quickly this technique works to get people to hang up and shut up, or at least talk so quietly that it’s no longer a bother.

NY TImes: Home Sales Increase, and So Do Inventories. Home sales perked up in July, a respite for the housing slump, as falling prices appeared to lure more buyers into the market. Skip to next paragraph Related National Association of Realtors News Release But the number of homes for sale increased significantly as well, which could push prices down even further. While lower prices could spur sales, they also cut into homeowners’ equity and household worth.

We haven’t seen the bottom in prices, not by a long shot, in most places. I’d still be very, very cautious about buying in any of these markets.

Macworld reports the confirmation that Apple’s iPhone has a ‘kill switch’ that can remotely disable anything on the phone the company deems unworthy. This is utterly, absolutely outrageous — and the Apple fanboys will defend it to the hilt, no doubt.

Can you imagine the reaction if Microsoft put something like this into Windows? It would be ferocious, and the anger would be justified.

Apple’s arrogance just grows and grows.

Meanwhile, I trust someone in the open-source community will give those of us who’ve jailbroken our phones a way to prevent Jobs and his minions from playing games with the devices we — not they — own.