Whistleblowers are essential players in uncovering wrongdoing committed by the powerful and in strengthening our democracies. As headlines remind us everyday, we owe our knowledge of the truth to many known and unknown whistleblowers all over the world. However, whistleblowers often face legal, physical, psychological, and economic consequences as a result of their actions. Those who risk their lives and livelihoods to bring us the truth deserve our support.

I’m a Board Member of the The Signals Network, an innovative non-profit (501c3) organization that protects whistleblowers who reveal major wrongdoing.

The Signals Network’s Whistleblower Protection Program affords customized support services to a selected number of people who have contributed to published reports of significant wrongdoing:

1. Legal Support/Representation: to help a whistleblower locate and obtain legal representation.

2. Information Security: to work with the whistleblower and online security specialists to build an environment that enhances his/her digital and real privacy.

3. Media Relations Management: to manage media relations for whistleblowers, helping to develop his/her public message.

4. Advocacy: to advocate for better protection of the whistleblower in different countries.

5. Psychological Support: to provide access to individualized support services, including psychological support and counseling.

6. Safe-Housing: in appropriate circumstances, to provide safe-housing and temporary retreat services to minimize a whistleblower’s exposure to potential intrusion, harassment, and threat.

The Whistleblower Protection Program is now operational in 10 countries with networks of local lawyers, psychological counselors, online security experts, civil society partner organizations, media partners,…

The Signals Network has partnered with major media committed to investigate collaboratively and to reveal major wrongdoing and potential threats to democracy, freedom and justice. Media partners to date include The Miami Herald/McClatchy, The Intercept, Die Zeit, El Mundo, The Daily Telegraph, Mediapart and Republik.

Thanks to the dedication of many experts to the mission, like top lawyers working pro-bono or at super discounted rate, we are able to provide a maximum level of support to whistleblowers at the lowest cost possible. However, real support still comes at a cost.

TSN receives requests of support from major whistleblowers who have contributed to the biggest stories of our time, from massive corruption to the biggest #Metoo revelations.

So I would like to ask you to make a charitable contribution to The Signals Network before the end of the year.

By donating to The Signals Network, you will directly support the next generation of whistleblowers.

The whistleblowers we support are selected by the Board Engagement Committee who decide the level and duration of support we will provide, taking into consideration the global, human, financial and public interest impact of the information provided to a media organization.

Your support is crucial. Every dollar counts.

Below, you’ll find information on the ways you can donate. Your gift is fully tax-deductible in the US.

If you would like to mail a check, please send it here:
The Signals Network
268 Bush Street, #4216
San Francisco, CA 94104

If you would like to donate online, please use this link:

If you’d like to make a donor-advised transfer or bank transfer, please contact the Signals Network’s executive director, Delphine Halgand.

Please help this important organization help some of the people who are doing their utmost, at great personal risk, to make our societies better places.