The Worldwide Developers Conference this week in San Francisco was keynoted, as usual, by Steve Jobs — who had so little of interest to say that even Apple fanatics must be yawning. The iPhone is still all but locking out third-party software developers, and there are lots of unfriendly comments (albeit from people who haven’t actually used the thing) about the on-screen keyboard. Still, I will be absolutely astonished if the iPhone, at least the first version, is a major success. Later, sure, but not this one — in particular because the phone is also locked to the newest incarnation of AT&T, a carrier that has earned a fair amount of disrespect over the years.

Meanwhile, Leopard, the next version of the Mac operating system, looks less and less like a must-have upgrade. I’ll be using it, of course, when I buy my next Mac. But I’m not so sure I’ll buy it for my current machine.

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