Salon: If you care about your rights, don’t buy an iPhone.

It’s only in the cell phone business that anyone would tolerate such behavior. If a company tried this in any other industry, people would howl to the heavens. Imagine the outrage if Apple or Microsoft sold desktop PCs that allowed you to connect to the Internet only through Comcast — and then, if you tried to use Earthlink instead, the company would shut down your machine. Or what if Ford allowed you to drive your new Explorer only to Wal-Mart to buy your groceries; if you went instead to Whole Foods, a company official would come by and slash your tires.

As Apple breaks the phones of people who’ve done nothing but assert rational customer rights, it is showing an attitude that will come to hurt the company in the end. I wouldn’t use this phone now if someone gave it to me.

Stay away from the iPhone if you have any common sense. Don’t reward Apple for its sleazy ways.

2 thoughts on “Apple's Detestable Behavior with iPhone

  1. Yeh the mobile industry is where the people who haven’t come to terms with deregulation go (even the SWP have now). A few years ago(while I was still at BT) I got deputed to go to a WAP seminar in place of my boss.

    I was staggered by one guy who used “SUB” in a non ironic way and by the shear incompetence of the WAP standard’s mostly how they had fracked up the crypto.

    At lunch I went out at lunch rather than eat at the conference I went out in cased I said something out of turn – and got into trouble in a “Emperors new clothes” way.

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