SF Chronicle: Feinstein backs legal immunity for telecom firms in wiretap cases. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Thursday that she favors legal immunity for telecommunications companies that allegedly shared millions of customers’ telephone and e-mail messages and records with the government, a position that could lead to the dismissal of numerous lawsuits pending in San Francisco.

So what if these companies flagrantly committed felonies, says our feckless senator.

Again, she’s delivered a slap in the face to her constituents. Unsurprising, sadly, given her record.

She’s nearly completed her morphing into a right-wing Republican — that is, someone who thinks civil liberties are outmoded. (No doubt the Chronicle editorial page will find some excuse to explain this decision, too, as they’ve done so many times with Feinstein.)

Once, she was someone who believed in the rule of law, or at least pretended to. Now she’s become one of the people who makes clear, through actions that are unmistakable, that she has no time for it.

If liberty dies in this nation, it will not be just the fault of people like Bush and Cheney. It will be the equal responsibility of their enablers.

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