Glenn Greenwald: Whether it’s the war in Iraq or illegal surveillance or the abolition of habeas corpus and now the systematic use of torture, it’s the Bush administration that conceived of the policies, implemented them and presided over their corrupt application. But it’s Congressional Democrats at the leadership level who were the key allies and enablers, never getting their hands dirty with implementation — and thus feigning theatrical, impotent outrage once each abuse was publicly exposed — but nonetheless working feverishly the entire time to enable all of it every step of the way.

When the historians mark turning points in America’s decline, these deeds will be key evidence.

Also, from Andrew Sullivan:

This is not to say that there is no difference between the parties, with the GOP shamefully defending war crimes the United States once prosecuted as such. The Democrats, for the most part, have been their usual selves on this: still in a defensive crouch against any notion that they might be soft on terror, and implicitly adopting the fallacious logic that somehow opposing torture means being soft on terror. Au contraire. Torture has weakened the West’s war against barbarism by blurring the critical lines needed to win the long war, and by injecting into intelligence the falsehoods, exaggerations and lies that always come from the tortured.

And, finally, it’s worth noting that not a single U.S. newspaper that I can find is referring to what was on the tapes in accurate language. All are using the administration’s “harsh interrogation techniques” lingo or something close to that. Folks, it’s torture. Period. We prosecuted Japanese soldiers for war crimes — and got convictions — for exactly this stuff. The Independent in London is one of the non-U.S. papers telling it honestly in an article entitles, “Call for criminal inquiry as CIA destroys torture tapes” — why won’t our own press? Why won’t even one paper?

The same reason that Democrats are so spineless? Is there any other explanation?

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