Dopplr Home PageOne of my great recent joys has been working (on a part-time basis in my case) with an incredibly talented group of people on a web service called Dopplr, a site that helps people share their trip information with trusted friends and colleagues. The team are world-class folks in every way.

Well, Dopplr is now out of beta. Here’s our blog posting: Dopplr launches at LeWeb3 in Paris.

During the beta period, it took an invitation from someone already in Dopplr to join. Now joining is open to all, and that’s created a slew of new folks who’ve joined in the past day since the official launch.

Of course, being out of beta isn’t the same as being finished. We have a huge amount of work to do on Dopplr, and the improvements will roll out on a regular basis in coming weeks and month.

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