Telegraph: Heathrow airport first to fingerprint. All four million domestic passengers who will pass through Terminal 5 annually after it opens on March 27 will have four fingerprints taken, as well as being photographed, when they check in.

The culture that created the Magna Carta is utterly turning its back on liberty. The current American government merely wishes it could do stuff like this, but there’s still just enough left of the Bill of Rights to prevent it — for the time being, anyway.

I avoid Heathrow for many other reasons. This attitude on the part of the authorities there provides one more.

Saddest of all: The British people are happily letting their government turn the nation into a police state. They will rue their inaction, but probably not until it’s too late.

One thought on “More "Progress" Toward a British Surveillance State

  1. I’m an Englishman and do think Britain is taking a step too far, in the so called name of antiterrorism. I’m new to Dan Gillmor Blog and ashamed that it takes an American to highlight British people’s complacency to their very hard fought liberties. The Identity Card is earmarked for Britain. They are bringing in Identity Cards by stealth, bit by bit, drip by drip, hoping we don’t notice it. Foreign workers are first on the list -now few or no British are going to start a revolution over foreign workers with Identity Cards- Then the students, and then the rest of us over the next ten years.

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