For a number of reasons I’m now using a Blackberry Curve as my main phone. But its email system is beyond dreadful for anyone who’s not locked into a Windows-Outlook-Exchange environment.

Mainly, the Blackberry IMAP connection is pathetic, a kludge that is almost worse than nothing. It doesn’t understand folders. It doesn’t reflect answered messages on the server. All this is because Blackberry pretty much makes you go through its own servers to use email, and because its maker is only seriously interested in working with Exchange.

So I’m looking for an acceptable IMAP mail client for the Blackberry OS, one that connects directly via the Internet to my personal mail server and others. I don’t need fancy, just usable — and I’ll be delighted to pay good money for it.

Send me an email if you know of anything useful.

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Need Good IMAP Email Client for Blackberry

  1. I feel the same way. I will easily pay up to $100 for a good email client. I want POP and IMAP. It would be good if it did Exchange too, but it’s not important. I need to be able to see my deleted items and sent items folders. Because sometimes I might accidentally delete an item. Or need to see information that was in an email that I deleted. I want to use folders, period. I want to see IMAP folders, all of them. I want to be able to specify how often it checks for mail like you can in all PALM email apps and Outlook and just about all other email apps. I actually prefer separate inboxes for most of my email accounts.

    Anyway, if anyone knows of such and app I’ll pay good money for it.

    By the way I’ve tried imobile, tiggit and logicmail, in my opinion they all suck.

  2. I have the same problem. I would pay good money for an email client that would support IMAP and POP directly on the BB. I have searched all over and the logicmail is the only one that I have found to work and it is not very good. Please let me know if you find one.

  3. I was a die hard BB user until someone turned me onto the brilliance of IMAP. Now I see that the BB is a useless email device… or more to the point, useful only for quick glancing of mail but not for managing it.

    RIM — get with the program, there are enough reasons already to switch to iPhone or Palm Pre

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