Unlocked iPhone Yes, I now have an iPhone. I bought it used — a first-generation model — from a friend who bought the 3G phone.

Now, notice, in the upper left part of the screen what carrier I’m using (in the U.S.).
Unlocked phone
Yes, it’s T-Mobile, the other major GSM carrier. I used the excellent jailbreak/unlock application from the iPhone Dev Team, and it worked flawlessly.

More about this in upcoming posts…

4 thoughts on “First-generation iPhone, 2.0 Software and Unlocked, Jailbroken — Great Combination

  1. Very interesting….I’m a t-mobile customer as well and would love to go to the iPhone. Dan, would you happen to know if I need a special plan for this to work? I’m on their $29.99 mo / 500 anytime minute offering now.

  2. Congrats! When I sold my 1st-gen iPhone I was asked to unlock it and send it off to the new (eBay) buyer. I used iLiberty to unlock/jailbreak it, and she said it worked great for her when she popped her own SIM card in there.

    Enjoy your new iPhone. 🙂

  3. Dan, may I ask what you paid for the phone, and if you know whether my $29.99/mo bare-bones T-Mobile plan will work on the phone after it’s been unlocked?

  4. I paid about $200, and it worked fine with T-Mobile’s voice and data plan. I would imagine you’d want to get the data plan $20 a month.

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