Macworld reports the confirmation that Apple’s iPhone has a ‘kill switch’ that can remotely disable anything on the phone the company deems unworthy. This is utterly, absolutely outrageous — and the Apple fanboys will defend it to the hilt, no doubt.

Can you imagine the reaction if Microsoft put something like this into Windows? It would be ferocious, and the anger would be justified.

Apple’s arrogance just grows and grows.

Meanwhile, I trust someone in the open-source community will give those of us who’ve jailbroken our phones a way to prevent Jobs and his minions from playing games with the devices we — not they — own.

6 thoughts on “More Reasons to Mistrust Apple

  1. I for one AM an Apple fanboy and I think that this is a good idea. The reason: If an app gets published to the App Store that starts to “phone home”, then they can block it so that no personal information can be transmitted to the author’s mailbox

  2. “outrageous”… “fanboys”… “arrogance”….
    I love the smell of Apple hatred in the morning.

    Calm down.

    I have a prediction: Apple will only use the kill switch to disable unquestionably malicious software. If and when this happens, they will promptly refund the cost of said software. And iPhone owners will be grateful that the kill switch was there.

    Perhaps the ongoing PC malware epidemic might be curbed if MSWindows had such a kill switch.

    Those who want an fully open mobile platform (and the responsibility that entails) should certainly have the option, but Apple should not necessarily be obligated to provide it, nor criticized for opting to provide a controlled environment.

  3. You’re a fool if you don’t think this is both necessary and beneficial. If there’s a runaway app do you want 20 million users try to manage it on their own? Get real.

  4. Did MS fans make any noise when MS software download by itself or the windoz has to restart all of a sudden because there is download was completed in the background.

    Come on stop this crap, it is Apple that’s why all the huha, if it is MS no one will even mention it.

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