Wired News: Despite Airlines’ Promises, Customers Find a Way to Make VOIP Calls on Flights. Just days after American Airlines made the big-deal announcement that it had rolled out in-flight internet on certain routes, hackers have found a way to use the service for voice-over-internet protocol calls, despite promises from the airline that its air-to-ground system, developed by Aircell, would block voice calls.

I have a simple fix for noisy mobile callers. I listen carefully to their conversations — making clear that I’m listening. If that doesn’t work, I start taking notes.

You would be amazed (or maybe not) how quickly this technique works to get people to hang up and shut up, or at least talk so quietly that it’s no longer a bother.

2 thoughts on “Phone Calls on Planes

  1. It was great to listern to your presentation at the DCI 3.0 . I am interested in making phones on the plane.

    I have always wondered why the mobile frequency was next to the frequncy for aeroplanes.
    Do we have any examples of a time when people caused a major problem when their mobile phones where in use while trvelling on the plane?

  2. I had a phone call with Valdis Krebs using Skype when this service first rolled out. It was interesting mostly because it worked (which was novel).

    I guess that for most people who travel a lot the airplane is a place of refuge from the net and from the phone, and breaking that rule of “I’m offline and it’s OK” will be a burden.

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