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Google is pointing from its home page today to a page about World Tuberculosis Day and that, in turn, points to the Stop TB Partnership, a nonprofit organization. A worthy cause, and good for Google for pointing to it.

Consider the power of this endorsement. I suspect that with this single link, Google is channeling more money to the organizations that want to end TB than the sum of all their previous campaigns. This is power of a breathtaking kind.

One thought on “Google Power

  1. I’m not so sure Google should be doing this … I can accept that this particular cause is a worthy one, but I think it sets a dangerous precedent. What say do the rest of us have which cause Google chooses to highlight? I’m not implying that Google will start to promote Neo-Nazi organisations or anything that bad etc, but what if it links to Christian Aid campaigns which promote a Religious agenda? That’s fine if you’re a Christian, but what about Muslims, Hindus, Jews etc?

    Google is very powerful – I think it is in everyone’s best interests if they act a little more neutrally.

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