I’ve been a fan of Salon since the day it started, and a paying subscriber as long as the company has offered that option. If you visit Salon often, you already know why.

So I’m delighted to be bringing some of my blogging there, including many of the items I’d normally be posting here. My arrangement with Salon gives them exclusive access for one week to new posts, after which they’ll appear here — as always, under a Creative Commons license from this site.

Here’s my first post.

2 thoughts on “Salon and Me

  1. There is no slowing pace of development of OS X and Apple exerts no more and probably less control over OS X than Microsoft does Windows. So your central premise is a joke and you know it. You must have really need to fill up some white space or get attention. If you are talking about mobile phones that is a different subject and Apple’s minor level of control is nothing more than others do for highly regulated mobile devices running on public cell space. The others may focus on different areas but they control it all the same. Including and especially Android which is not open source in that much of the major functionality that involves interaction with hardware is closed. Also just try contributing to Android source, Google is not interested.
    Windows 7 is a “truly fine piece of work”? Seriously? You lost all credibility right there.
    How exactly is Mac hardware “lagging”? Mac Laptops are the finest they have ever made and smoke everything else. Thinkpads made by Lenovo are much poorer quality than IBM Thinkpads and in no way compare with Mac laptops. Do you really not know that Mac laptops have had a flash memory reader for SD cards for several years now?

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