2 thoughts on “In the Guardian: Blogging Controversy Shows How Blogging Still Matters

  1. just wondering what you think about comments only being allowed for a few days on the Guardian’s website – so comment is (only) free (if you are quick)

    seems a shame and limits the potential of the medium

    there was an interesting comment about the profit approach to blogging/commenting – maybe the guardian are thinking of charging to let people comment?

    one of the joys/benefits of blogging, as you mentioned is this discussions that can result from the commentators – obviously there is the caveat that often the comments are puerile nonsense
    , but nonetheless…

    • For high-traffic sites it makes sense to cut off comments after a few days, I think…

      Comment is free to anyone on their own site. If you’re hosting something, it’s your living room — and you have the final say on what goes. That seems reasonable to me.

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