We pay a non-trivial annual subscription fee to read the online Wall Street Journal, and consider it worth the money. But the company feels it has the right to not only charge us royally for the privilege but also to insert all kinds of surveillance into our reading.

I use browser plugins that block nearly all of this stuff.


8 thoughts on “A list of the ad networks, trackers the WSJ — which I pay for — tries to load in my browser

  1. I’ve noticed similar on paid for news sites this end of the world (New Zealand and Australia) An exception to the rule is New Zealand’s National Business Review, which only has five relatively harmless trackers.

    My take on this is that readers who pay for news services are many more times likely to pay for other stuff and therefore far more valuable to advertisers than the people browsing free news sites.

    By the look of it, the WSJ will have a comprehensive profile of all your online activity.

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