One thought on “A new project for the News Co/Lab

  1. Reading through all this, isn’t a key assumption that the high attention posters who spread the original article will want to correct misinformation? Critically, isn’t that a dubious assumption given the “business model” for so many of these people is hype and outrage? Consider:

    MAGA4pepe: Look at this article from NBC which says immigrant Martians are invading the United States!

    NBC: That item about a Martian invasion was a piece of fiction which accidentally was sent over the news channel. There is no Martian invasion. As far as we know, there are no Martians.

    MAGA4pepe: Lamestream media now covering up immigrant Martian invasion!

    I understand that one can say you can only make it easier, for those who do care about truth. But still, it seems like while this is not a bad thing in itself, it does not address the fundamental social media problem – there’s very little incentive for devotion to accuracy, while there’s much reward stoking tribalism and polarization.

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