If you were waiting for proof that Joe Kahn, the top editor at the New York Times, doesn’t even begin to appreciate the danger of a Trump 2 presidency, this is it, from an interview in the New Yorker:

Q: If Trump wins a second term, can you outline how the Times plans to cover that? How are you thinking about this potential norm-breaking period?

A: Fasten your seatbelts. If Trump wins again, the New York Times will be committed to covering every aspect of that story as it unfolds. It would be, as our reporting shows, a disruptive Presidency if he wins. We will have a full-time job covering the implications of that. And we’ll need a team of people who are geared up, as in the first term, but even more so, for a very disruptive presence in the White House. And what we’ll do is we’ll show up and we’ll do our jobs.

If Trump’s avowed dictatorship comes to pass, you will be able to count on the Times covering it, ever so politely — at least until the brownshirts come for the journalists they don’t like.

(BTW it’s also plain that the interviewer doesn’t want to face the implications, either.)

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