Washington Post headline: "Trump says abortion should be left to states, does not endorse national limit"

It should be astonishing by now that Big Journalism keeps falling for Trump’s political scams. But when it comes to political journalists, we’re talking about people who have the attention span of gnats.

They’re still doing stenography for even the most obvious BS. Look at these Post and Times headlines, meekly reporting his patently meaningless “leave it to the states” abortion stance.

Meanwhile, our media organizations are gleefully quoting supposedly angry right-wingers who claim he betrayed them. You see, this is Conflict, at our media adore conflict!

It’s all BS. There is no “rift” between Trump and the right-wing religious extremists. Their ire is performance.

They’re some of his most important foot soldiers in the war they’re waging on civil liberties and democracy itself. They’ll be with the deceiver in chief during the campaign, and he’ll do what they demand if he gets back into the White House. This is completely obvious to everyone who is paying the slightest attention.

Trump doesn’t try to fool the voters. He lets the press do it for him.

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