Over at Press Watch, Dan Froomkin has posted a scathing piece about the willfully clueless New York Times Washington Bureau (and its bosses in New York). He calls it “The Washington press corps doesn’t have a freaking clue,” and he’s right on point.

It is just infuriating at this point — or “sickening,” as Dan puts it — to watch DC political journalists live down to expectations, at a time when they needed to live up to professional duties.

But they won’t. We should just face it — and move on.

I’m working on an idea that I hope will turn into something useful this year and — assuming the Trump cult doesn’t flip the switch and turn the U.S. into a dictatorship —  beyond. I’ll have more to say about it soon, but it involves the endless corruption in Trump world, which journalists treat in general like a standing joke, not the horror show it actually is.

Meanwhile, read Dan’s piece. It’s outstanding.

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